Impingement Mortality Studies

Location: LaCygne, Kan., and Montrose, Mo.

Client: Kansas City Power & Light

Completion Date: 2007

The Phase II rules implementing Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act impact existing electric generating facilities that have cooling water intake structures with design intake rates of 50 million gallons per day or more. Kansas City Power & Light (KCPL) owns La Cygne and Montrose generating stations, which are subject to these regulations.

The La Cygne Generating Station is east of La Cygne, Kan., on La Cygne Lake. The Montrose Generating Station is north of Montrose, Mo., on Montrose Lake. The La Cygne facility has two coal-fired units with a total capacity of 1,530 megawatts (MW). The Montrose facility has three coal-fired units with a capacity of 590 MW. Cooling water from each facility is withdrawn from their respective reservoir intake structures.

Burns & McDonnell performed impingement monitoring at the Montrose and La Cygne generating stations. The impingement monitoring consisted of collecting the debris and fish in the screen wash over a 24-hour period every other week. Custom-made nets were placed in the screen wash discharge path to collect the fish and debris. The fish were identified to species, enumerated, and measured for total length and mass.

These data were used to estimate the facilities' calculation baseline. In addition, each lake was sampled four times a year to identify seasonal variations. The lake sampling consisted of electrofishing and seining on Montrose Lake and electrofishing, seining, and gill netting on La Cygne Lake. Lake sampling was conducted to determine each facility's calculation baseline could be reduced based on the location of the cooling water intake structure.

  • Electrofishing
  • Seining
  • Fish identification
  • Regulatory consultation
  • Impingement monitoring
  • 316(b) compliance