I-35 Commuter Rail Feasibility Study

Location: Johnson County, Kan.

The Interstate 35 corridor from downtown Kansas City, Mo., to the growing suburbs of Johnson County, Kan., has experienced a growth in traffic that makes continually widening the roadway financially, environmentally and socioeconomically infeasible. Johnson County wanted to evaluate the feasibility of using the parallel freight trackage operated by the Burlington-Northern Railroad.

The feasibility analysis was to provide a range of costs, schedules, ridership and traffic relief available by use of the rail line to provide commuter service on the track during the peak hours.

In addition to passenger feasibility, the study examined the traffic challenge of increased rail service and the impact that increase had on the level of service of both I-35 and the roads that cross the proposed commuter rail services.

  • Rail engineering
  • Public involvement
  • Transportation planning