I-255/Davis Street Ferry Road Interchange

Location: Dupo, Ill.

Client: Village of Dupo

Burns & McDonnell is designing a $28 million new interchange on I-255 in Dupo, Ill. The interchange will be a single point inter-urban configuration at Imbs Station Road with a system of connecting roads to serve the emerging 2,000-acre industrial zone along Davis Street Ferry Road.

Preliminary plans and profiles are being developed for the interchange and its connecting roads, including a planned bridge on Davis Street Ferry Road over the Union Pacific Railroad. Burns & McDonnell collected traffic data, and performed trip generation and traffic assignment for the anticipated commercial and industrial developments. Highway and intersection capacity, traffic operations and accident rates have been analyzed.

Burns & McDonnell prepared cost estimates and an environmental reconnaissance, and assisted the Village of Dupo in its interface with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the railroad. FHWA granted concept approval for the interchange in June 2006.