Hanley Road Improvements

Location: Brentwood, Mo., and Maplewood, Mo.

Client: St. Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic

Completion Date: 2011 (est.)

This project provides for improvements to Hanley Road from its intersection with Hanley Industrial Drive on the north to just south of its intersection with Laclede Station Road on the south, for a length of improvement of approximately 4,700 feet. At the center of this section is its intersection with Manchester Road (Missouri Route 100). The grade of Hanley will be raised at this location for a grade separation Single Point Urban Interchange at Manchester Road.

Improvements will also be required on Manchester and other crossroads and side road intersections within the project limits. The project also requires for some channel relocations to Black Creek and Hampton Creek. Right-of-way, easements and temporary slope construction licenses will be required for the construction of this improvement. An environmental assessment will be prepared as a part of this project. Once complete, this project will improve capacity on the region’s only major inter-urban arterial connecting central and south St. Louis County.

  • Surveying
  • Traffic modeling
  • Road and bridge design
  • Environmental services

Due to improvements to Interstate 64, the extension of the Metrolink and multiple other recent and planned developments, new demands will be placed on Hanley Road. In response, the St. Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic, in association with the cities of Brentwood, Maplewood and Richmond Heights, has undertaken actions to improve a 1.8-mile stretch of Hanley Road from I-64 south to Laclede Station Road with a number of objectives. These objectives included the improvement of circulation around and within the area, improvement of pedestrian access, the development of alternative concepts to address problems related to congestion, the provision of a consistent streetscape and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Single Point Urban Interchange
  • Hanley Road increased to three lanes in each direction
  • Bridge and channel improvements
  • Improved access control