Grundy County Bridge Emergency Replacement

Grundy County Bridge Emergency Replacement

Location: Grundy County, Mo.

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

Completion Date: March 2011

Harrington & Cortelyou completed fast-track design for an emergency bridge replacement after the center pier support of the existing Route A bridge washed completely out from under the bridge. The bridge was immediately closed by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), with the goal of having a new bridge in place by March 2011.

H&C began preliminary bridge design work immediately to provide the required design within four weeks. MoDOT completed the field surveys, soil borings and the approach roadway design, while H&C completed the bridge design, hydrology/hydraulics and permitting. Due to the tight schedule, H&C coordinated with MoDOT daily to reduce final plan review time. 

The existing four-span steel beam bridge was replaced with a three-span (90 feet, 120 feet and 90 feet) continuous steel welded plate girder structure, eliminating the need for a pier in the center of the channel. The new bridge opened on schedule on March 31, 2011.

  • Bridge design
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Permitting