Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater Remediation

Location: Hutchinson, Kan.

Client: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Completion Date: Ongoing

This Ineeda Cleaners site is an active dry cleaning site under the State of Kansas Dry Cleaner Trust Fund Program. This site has a perchloroethylene (PCE) plume that had traveled approximately 2 miles from the source area and was in danger of impacting a groundwater extraction well field for a commercial food processing facility.

To prevent further degradation of the groundwater at the commercial facility, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) requested that Burns & McDonnell investigate, design, install, and conduct operation and maintenance of a groundwater extraction, treatment and reinjection system.

The project received a 2010 award from the Kansas Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

  • Remediation system design and installation
  • Value engineering
  • Operation and maintenance

Tasks conducted for this project included an historical project review, project meetings, submittal of work plans, site health and safety plans, a limited site investigation, an aquifer test, and an engineering design document that contained the design for a 600 gallon per minute (gpm) groundwater extraction well and pump, a granulated activated carbon (GAC) system that would contain two 20,000 pound GAC units, system piping and controls, system building, integration of system controls to City of Hutchinson primary controls, and design for reinjection of the treated groundwater into the alluvial aquifer due to water rights issues.

Following approval of the design, Burns & McDonnell installed the system in 2007 and is conducting system operation and maintenance.

Project Accomplishments

  • Excellent community relations with Community Advisory Group
  • Innovative remedial approach
  • Cost-effective remedial approach
  • Successful remedial design
  • Beneficial use for treated groundwater/water rights
  • Regulator-funded project
  • Regulator and community approval
  • Successful diversion of PCE plume from commercial food facility extraction well field
  • Experience with State and Local Regulators – Burns & McDonnell received approval from the KDHE Bureau of Water and Bureau of Environmental Remediation for the remediation design and treatment approach and design. This approval was received following consultations with city, state and local groundwater management district personnel.
  • Remedial Action Field Activities – We successfully installed and tested a 600 gpm groundwater extraction well, extraction well piping and metering system, a granulated activated carbon treatment unit with system controls, a groundwater reinjection system, integrated process control logic for all extraction well, treatment unit, and reinjection wells. We also designed the operation and maintenance schedule for the system.
  • Engineering Support Services – Burns & McDonnell successfully designed a groundwater extraction, treatment and reinjection system. System control integration with the city primary telemetry controls allowed for remote, off-site system adjustment by KDHE and Burns & McDonnell engineers to prevent system malfunction and optimize system performance.
  • Studies and Investigations – A site-specific investigation was conducted to determine the exact plume configuration to optimize extraction well location and performance, allowing the system to be placed on state prison property resulting in pipeline savings of more than $1 million.
  • Innovative Technology – The groundwater reinjection system design successfully eliminated potential water rights issues while also providing additional capacity to provide water to the Hutchinson Correctional Facility for in its farm irrigation system.
  • Value Engineering Processes – Following review of a previously submitted project design approach, Burns & McDonnell submitted a revised design that reduced capital treatment cost in excess of $1 million and operation and maintenance in cost in excess of $500,000 by relocating the groundwater treatment system to state-owned property. The relocation a 1-mile stretch of costly 8-inch double-walled water pipe through a populated neighborhood.
  • Large Project – The project included the design and installation of a 600 gpm groundwater extraction well, GAC treatment, and a groundwater reinjection well field to divert the leading edge of a 2-mile plume derived from multiple dry cleaner source areas to protect multiple downgradient receptors.
  • Complex Project – The project included design and installation of a groundwater treatment system requiring approval from private property owners, City of Hutchinson, multiple departments of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and Groundwater Management District No. 2 personnel.
  • Regulatory and Stakeholder Interface – Burns & McDonnell conducted monthly project manager meetings that led to the successful completion of the project. Based on the success of this project, other departments within KDHE are considering our groundwater approach at this site for use at similar sites. Burns & McDonnell personnel conducted weekly updates with the stakeholders throughout the project.
  • Schedule and Budget – All modified budget targets were met and all tasks were completed as scheduled while all project objectives were met, including those associated with water rights.