Grand and State Red Line Subway Station Renovation

Grand and State Red Line Subway Station Renovation

Location: Chicago

Client: Chicago Department of Transportation

Completion Date: December 2011

Burns & McDonnell is providing construction services for the Chicago Department of Transportation on the Grand Avenue and State Street Red Line Subway Station renovation. This project involves upgrading and expanding one of the most heavily traveled subway stations in the Chicago Department of Transportation rail system. This station has become outdated and has over-extended its capacity. The project will be constructed in three stages so that the street intersection and subway station can remain open. The construction sequencing has been developed to allow for marginal room during each phase to modify the traffic configuration.

Each of the three construction phases will require an intricate earth retention system that will support the adjacent roadway. The first subfloor will be expanded and upgraded to include a mezzanine access level. On the second subfloor, the existing platform tunnel's architecture and lighting will be upgraded. Three new escalators and two new elevators will also be installed in this $71.5 million project.

  • Client liaison
  • Construction engineer
  • Facilitate contract documents
  • Construction inspection
  • Shop drawing review

    Project Phasing

    • Pre-stage: Relocation of existing water main and sewer out of conflict with the 6 areas of excavation. This involves daily lanes closures during off-peak hours to perform the work and backfilling each night to open all lanes. The water main will require four separate tie-ins to the adjacent businesses.
    • Stage 1: This is the most involved stage and will involve open cut excavations on the southeast and southwest quadrants adjacent to the AMA building and the Rock Bottom Brewery. The difficult underpinning phase at Rock Bottom will take place during this stage as well.
    • Stage 2: This stage will be the largest open cut excavation of the six phases and is located in the northwest quadrant, adjacent to the Grand Plaza residential towers and commercial complex. The main items will be construction of the electrical room, new elevator shaft to the street level and station mechanical rooms.
    • Stage 3: This stage will be construction in the northeast quadrant adjacent to the Hilton Hotel and Restaurants. Major work items will be an integral stairway within an easement adjacent to Weber Grill and the mezzanine expansion.
    • Finishing stage: This will be the final stage that will involve all civil roadway work and completion of all architecture in the station.
    • Intricate earth retention system: Each excavation will require a structural earth retention system to restrain 40-feet deep earth adjacent to traffic. This will present confined working areas in each stage and will present daily challenges with traffic and public egress.
    • Complicated underpinning system: A portion of the train station will be constructed within an easement adjacent to a historic structure. This will require micro-piles to be installed in the basement of Rock Bottom. These piles will be supported by bedrock below and tied into the retention system with lateral needle beams. These beams will provide temporary support of the building foundation while the station is expanded.
    • Utility coordination: This project is being built in one of the oldest intersections in the city of Chicago, which presents numerous utility conflicts. Five major utilities will require protection and support during the project, and three utilities required relocation prior to construction: Commonwealth Edison Co., water and sewer.
    • Extensive architectural work: The final finishes on this project will include extensive granite floor tiles, ceramic ceiling tiles, architectural light fixtures, lit glass block walls and patterned skyline walls.