Geodatabase Design & Migration

Geodatabase Design & Migration

Location: Lawrenceville, Ga.

Client: Gwinnett County, Ga.

Completion Date: 2005

Burns & McDonnell, through a broad-based geographic information system (GIS) services contract with Gwinnett County, was tasked to design, develop, deploy and populate an enterprise geodatabase for Gwinnett County. The goal was to allow Gwinnett County to store and manage its census, political district, basemap, aerial photography, land use planning, street centerline and soils data in an SDE/Oracle Enterprise geodatabase.

Burns & McDonnell worked with county staff to assess existing data formats (ESRI coverages, ESRI shapefiles, TIFF Images, MrSID images), data quality and data requirements for candidates to be migrated into the enterprise environment. We worked to clean and enhance several existing datasets before data migration into the SDE/Oracle geodatabase. Our GIS/information technology (IT) professionals developed conceptual, logical and physical models for the Enterprise geodatabase. We worked closely with county staff through each phase of the design to ensure that core business needs were satisfied and that more efficient workflows would result. After final design and pilot study tests, Burns & McDonnell migrated more than 100 Gb of raster and vector data into the newly deployed geodatabase.

Gwinnett County is realizing numerous benefits from the successful completion of this geodatabase design and migration project. The migrated data is stored and managed in a single, centralized location. Rules and constraints in the geodatabase maintain clean and valid datasets. The data is accessible through the county’s GIS data browser, which is used through both the Internet and intranet.

  • Database design
  • Data conversion
  • Data cleanup
  • Data modeling