Fuels Complex Renovation

Fuels Complex Renovation

Location: Dallas

Client: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

As part of a $25 million fuels complex renovation project at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Burns & McDonnell provided services to increase the fuel storage capacity by 51 percent with the renovation of three 76,000-bbl (oilfield barrel) tanks and construction of three 80,000-bbl tanks. A new pump/filtration pad capable of 16,800 gallons per minute was built using a maintenance-friendly, platform-free design.

Because the incoming fuel delivery system had refinery quality control and dedicated pipelines, design recommendations included elimination of traditional floating suction arms from storage tanks, which led to savings of more than $1 million. Dike containment areas were repaired and impervious liners were installed. Site drainage was brought into compliance with environmental regulations. All roadways were repaired and/or upgraded.

Fire protection included a semi-fixed foam system, including foam chambers, cannons and hand lines. A new dual 24-inch water supply was looped into the fuel storage area. The fuel system controls were upgraded to a full CRT-based graphics/controls system with redundant hot-backup processors. Remote tank gauging was provided along with temperature and bottom water sensing. New electrical switchgear and motor controls resulted in substantial energy savings. The existing operations and maintenance building was renovated and expanded.

During the two-year construction period, all fueling operations on the ramp were kept in service through complex project phasing, including construction of temporary pump discharge piping around the old pump pad.