Fuel Storage Tank Replacement

Location: San Diego

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest Division

Completion Date: Design: 2008; Construction: 2013

Burns & McDonnell is designing a new fuel storage facility to replace the existing facility at the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center's (FISC) defense fuel supply at Point Loma in San Diego. The purpose of this project is to replace the existing storage and pumping infrastructure with new, modernized facilities that will meet future needs of the FISC. The mission of FISC Point Loma is to provide fuel, lubricating oil and quality assurance to support operations of the U.S. Navy, Homeland Security, other federal agencies and approved foreign ships operating on the West Coast. This facility is the fuel hub of the Southwestern U.S. and the eastern Pacific, providing petroleum, oil and lubricants.

  • Design
  • Construction support

Burns & McDonnell effectively designed this LEED-certified, Navy fuel facility, the first LEED-certified facility of its kind. The firm was flexible in revising the design as the scope of the project changed over the design period and still delivered the project on schedule.

This project includes:

  • Design and construction of eight new, above-ground fuel storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1,000,000 barrels of marine diesel fuel (DFM) and JP-5 aviation fuel, complete with leak detection, cathodic protection and secondary containment
  • Construction of a new pump house and associated pumps, equipment and piping
  • New lube oil storage facility consisting of four 20,000-gallon lube oil tanks
  • Construction of a new truck unloading/loading stand to support JP-5, DFM, lube oils and fuel oil reclamation operations
  • Construction of a new control building at the pier
  • Construction of a new fire protection and suppression system
  • Relocation of existing site utilities
  • Stormwater drainage system improvements
  • Construction and rerouting of existing access roads on the site
  • Closure and/or demolition of existing fuel storage tanks and support buildings

Secondary containment around the new fuel storage tanks, which meet all applicable United Facilities Criteria, National Fire Protection Association and American Petroleum Institute design requirements, will include vertical concrete dike walls with a flexible membrane liner. Substantial earthwork and re-grading will be required to accommodate the new fuel storage tanks. New retaining walls are anticipated between adjacent rows of fuel storage tanks.

Access roads on the site are also considered fire lanes and will be designed to accommodate firefighting equipment. The main fuel storage facility entrance road will be widened to accommodate tanker truck traffic to the new truck unloading/loading stand.

The electrical work consists of power distribution, new control panels, and conduit and fiber-optic wiring to connect the tank alarm systems, inventory systems, automatic valves, pumps and area lighting. Control wiring will be added from all new equipment to the new pier control building. All alarm and control system components will be in accordance with the existing automated fuel handling equipment (AFHE) program system requirements and specifications. These components include high- and low-level alarms, hydraulic high-level shutoff valve, and automatic tank gauging integration with the FISC Point Loma AFHE program.