Fuel Pipeline Upgrade

Fuel Pipeline Upgrade

Location: Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Client: NAVFAC Marianas

Completion Date: 2013

Burns & McDonnell provided comprehensive POL design services to NAVFAC Marianas to upgrade the fuel pipeline between Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB) and the Navy's Sasa Valley Fuel Farm, Guam, delivering increased fuel transfer capability. Improvements included new equipment and pipelines and the re-rating of existing pipelines (Navy — two 10-inch pipelines at 7.5 miles each; AAFB one 10-inch pipeline at 15.7 miles) to ANSI Class 600 capability. The design included significant improvement to the Navy-owned electrical primary service at the Piti substation and at the fuel farm. Design services:

  • A functional analysis concept development (FACD) conference was conducted to discuss concept design; project goals/functions; validate requirements, priorities and constraints; and site location. A value engineering session was included as part of the FACD.
  • Electronic design deliverables (EDD) at each submittal phase were prepared in accordance with the requirements of EDD UFC 1-300-10N.
  • A cost estimate was prepared in the SUCCESS format using the SUCCESS program.
  • A subsurface investigation and geotechnical survey and a topographic survey were provided in conformance with the UFC requirements.
  • Utility investigations provided an analysis of adequacy of all required utilities along with the scope of upgrades required where needed. Water supply flow and pressure testing was conducted. 
  • Asbestos sample analysis and a paints and other chemical coatings sample analysis reports were prepared.

A-E services:

  • Project planning development
  • Real property inventories
  • Site investigations
  • Studies and reports
  • Programming
  • Concept and final design
  • Construction services
  • DrChecks

The design project consisted of:

  • Cross-country pipeline: Tiyan to AAFB, 10-inch line, 15.7 miles
    • Cathodic protection and tamper detection/security
  • Pipeline upgrades:
    • Navy: Upgrade to ANSI Class 600, two 10-inch lines, 7.5 miles each
    • AAFB: Upgrade to ANSI Class 600, one 10-inch line, 15.7 miles
  • Sasa Valley pumphouse
    • Pumps, manifolds and valves
    • Additive injection
    • Pump house addition and manifold slab extension
    • Electrical: Pump house and primary service building
    • Electrical: Emergency generator system, two Genset, fuel tank and piping
  • AAFB facility
    • Inbound filtration system and over pressurization protection
    • Andy III tank farm modifications
    • Demolition (Tiyan)
    • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection and explosives safety submission
  • Supporting facilities
    • Piti Substation Navy transformer replacement
    • Piti Navy distribution switchgear

Design of POL Facilities

  • Bulk storage systems
  • Transfer pump houses and controls
  • Pump houses
  • Generator buildings

Design of POL Infrastructure

  • Site utilities
  • Site planning
  • Fuel pits/valve pits
  • Fill stands
  • Roads and bridges

Specialized facility related designs

  • Additive injection systems
  • Cathodic protection
  • Fire protection
  • Fuel pipelines
  • Control systems
  • Paint and coatings systems
  • Asbestos and lead removals
  • Building demolition