Fort Calhoun Intake Structure Evaluation

Fort Calhoun Intake Structure Evaluation

Location: Blair, Neb.

Client: Omaha Public Power District

Completion Date: Ongoing

Burns & McDonnell is performing the intake structure design basis reconstitution for Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station. The intake structure is a Seismic Class I structure housing safety-related systems. Burns & McDonnell is providing a comprehensive structural evaluation of the intake structure, which includes:

  • Perform a comprehensive literature review of plant historical records pertaining to the intake structure.
  • Develop a complex GTSTRUDL finite element analysis model of the intake structure.
  • Evaluate the structure for Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) and Safe Shutdown Earthquake (SSE) loads.
  • Evaluate for design basis tornado loading as specified in the Fort Calhoun updated safety analysis report (USAR), including complex, time-dependent depressurization analyses.
  • Evaluate for seismic and tornado-borne missile impacts.
  • Evaluate for a postulated barge impact event using rigorous nonlinear dynamic analyses, resolving Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inquiries. 
  • Evaluate structure for all other applicable design-basis loadings.
  • Heavy load drop evaluations of existing operating floor using NUREG-0612 methodology.
  • Review and revise the USAR and existing design basis documents.
  • Identify calculations affected by the design basis reconstitution effort.