Fire Protection System Conversion

Fire Protection System Conversion

Location: Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Columbus, Ohio

Client: Ohio Air National Guard

Completion Date: 2013

Burns & McDonnell provided comprehensive Type "A" and "B" design services and Type "C" construction services, including fire protection systems commissioning to the Ohio National Guard for work at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base in Columbus, Ohio.

Building 883 is a fuel cell aircraft hangar constructed in 1999 used to perform maintenance on the KC135 aircraft. The 121st ARW needed to replace the existing AFFF foam fire protection system in the building with a new high expansion foam (HEF) fire protection system. The building's total area is 29,493 square feet, with a maintenance dock/fuel cell hangar area of 17,764 square feet. Within the hangar, the overhead unsupervised preaction AFFF foam/water sprinkler system and underwing foam/water monitors were converted to an unsupervised pre-action (water only) overhead closed head sprinkler and a HEF generator system. The existing wet-pipe sprinkler system serving the support areas will remain.

The existing 1,300 gallon AFFF concentrate tank, concentrate piping and proportioners were removed. The heat detectors at the ceiling of the hangar were removed because they did not meet current code requirements. The releasing panel for the AFFF system was replaced. The existing fire alarm control panel, Monaco transceiver, sanitary valve controller, and remainder of the fire alarm equipment not modified were reconnected to the new releasing panel. The ultraviolet/infrared detectors remain and are used for fire alarm initiation only. The overhead sprinkler system meets current requirements with the exception of:

  • Surge arrestors were added to the overhead sprinkler system to meet ETL 02-15
  • Flow control valves were added at the base of each riser to prevent overflowing of the overhead system.

For the Hi-Ex foam system installation, six overhead water powered foam generators were required. The existing pre-action monitor deluge riser was modified by adding a flow control valve to regulate foam/water flow to the generators, a ratio proportioner and a 500 gallon horizontal bladder HEF concentrate storage tank.

New fire alarm equipment includes: blue rotating beacons for the HEF system notification, manual pull foam stations, a releasing panel and cross-zoned rate compensating heat detectors in the hangar maintenance bay. The existing diverter valve used in the sanitary line for the AFFF foam solution was replaced with a shutoff valve per ANG ETL 01-1-1.