Fee Fee Creek at Schuetz Road

Location: Maryland Heights, Mo.

Client: Vess Soda Plant

Completion Date: September 1999

Fee Fee Creek in Maryland Heights, Mo., had experienced increased flow due to the urbanization of the watershed. The creek responded as most creeks in urbanized areas, incising channel bed with steep channel banks. This project focused on the bank erosion on the Vess Soda Plant property. The eroding banks were threatening the owner’s parking lot.

Reinforced composite revetment was selected to stabilize the creek bank. The reinforced composite revetment was composed to layers of geogrid in the banks with rock riprap placed on the bank face. Plantings were installed in lifts between the rock riprap. The plantings are instrumental in adding roughness to the bank and providing additional reinforcement. Adding roughness on the creek bank helps slow the velocity near the bank creek hence preventing erosion.

  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Bio-engineering
  • Reinforced slopes
  • Plantings
  • 404 permit
  • Easements

Hydraulic modeling of the proposed improvements was preformed to insure that the improvements would not raise the stage of the creek. Temporary easement was obtained from the property owner. Utility coordination was considered to prevent damage from conflicts.

Other improvements to the creek including extending pipe outlets to the creek flowline and additional plantings. Extending the pipe outlets to the flowline prevented erosion from pipe discharge over the creek banks.

A 404 permit was obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, for this project, along with a permit from the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD).