Facility Audit - Asset Management

Facility Audit - Asset Management

Location: Atlanta

Client: Delta Air Lines

Maximizing asset performance is a crucial business procedure as the airline industry feels the business pressures of the day. Delta Air Lines requested Burns & McDonnell perform an audit of structural, electrical and mechanical assets in 27 of 31 facilities at its world headquarters in Atlanta. More than 7 million square feet and more than 5,000 items were inventoried in this project. Results from the inventory were used to establish equipment replacement scheduling and facility planning through 2020.

Burns & McDonnell designed and implemented a mobile database tool based on a handheld computer operating system. This solution allowed six auditors to verify existing data, add previously unrecorded assets to the database, and capture digital photographs of all assets and store them electronically with the data for each asset.

The handheld computers were low in cost, highly configurable and connectable to enterprise databases, saving Delta more than $35,000 in capital expenditures. When the device capabilities were combined with the custom user interface provided by Burns & McDonnell, the project enjoyed substantial savings in time and cost for development, deployment, quality control and deliverables to the customer.

  • Asset management
  • Facility audit
  • Database design
  • Database management

Primary technologies used:

  • MS Access
  • Mobile platforms
  • Digital camera
  • Satellite forms