Explosive Waste Incinerator Upgrade

Explosive Waste Incinerator Upgrade

Location: Independence, Mo.

Client: Alliant Techsystems

Completion Date: 2008

Burns & McDonnell provided design-build engineering, environmental services and construction quality assurance (oversight) for upgrading Alliant Techsystems’ explosive waste incinerator (EWI) at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Mo. Alliant Techsystems wanted to operate the EWI facility with increased reliability, incorporating state-of-the-art system components, and efficiently remove contaminants associated with flue gas emissions, especially mercury, in order to meet the Maximum Achievable Controls Technologies (MACT) compliance limit. The upgrade involved demolition, construction and upgrading system components, wiring and networking.

The project received the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Missouri Grand Conceptor Award and is also a national finalist.

Solid waste management services

Before this upgrade, the facility's existing cyclone separator, draft fan and two mechanical gas coolers (high and low temperature) were removed and replaced with an evaporative spray cooler system (with pump skid and air compressor) and a new draft fan (replaced variable frequency drive). New refractory lined ductwork was installed to handle the high temperature flue gas from the afterburner to the evaporative cooler, while insulated black steel ductwork was installed to carry flue gas from the evaporative cooler to the baghouse.

A new equipment building was constructed to accommodate new system components to effectively operate the evaporative spray cooler. It houses a new air compressor, air dryer, air receiving tank, air control rack/water pump skid and a powder-activated carbon delivery system (Porta PAC). The Porta PAC was incorporated into the evaporative cooler system to be utilized during incineration of ammunition containing mercury. The PAC is injected into the exhaust off-gas ductwork, after the evaporative cooler, and sorbs with any mercury, other metals and other particulates that did not completely fall out of the off-gas in the evaporative spray cooler.

All network and control wiring was replaced, and a new continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) cabinet and new sampling conditioning system were installed. A programmable logic controller (PLC) system allows remote operation of the EWI. These upgrades improve the reliability of the flue gas monitoring.

New bags were installed in the existing baghouses to improve effective removal of particulate matter and metals from the EWI off-gas and enable handling of increased moisture conditions in the off-gas due to the evaporative spray cooler.

The upgrades provided to Alliant Techsystems’ EWI facility:

  • Introduce advanced processing and industry technologies to more efficiently reduce contaminants associated with flue gas emissions.
  • Increase reliability of the EWI system operations, controls and flue gas emissions monitoring.
  • Enable incineration of ammunitions containing mercury for the first time.