Everglades Construction Project

Everglades Construction Project

Location: Palm Beach, Hendry and Broward Counties, Florida

Client: South Florida Water Management District

Completion Date: 2003

The Everglades Construction Project is an ecosystem restoration effort intended to improve the quality of surface water runoff to historic conditions. The project is a mandate of Florida's Everglades Forever Act, and is managed by the South Florida Water Management District.

Since 1991 Burns & McDonnell has served in a principal role in developing the overall structure of the Everglades Construction Project, which includes construction of six stormwater treatment areas totaling roughly 43,000 acres, basin diversions, and modifications of the regional drainage system, and has prepared the detailed design of roughly one-half of the project, including four of the six stormwater treatment areas.

The project was completed in 2003 with a construction budget of $320 million.

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Water delivery system
  • Extensive hydraulic analyses and design
  • Water quality
  • Automated water control structures
  • Stormwater pumping stations (up to 3,700 cfs capacity)
  • Over 80 miles of levees and canals
  • "Cradle to grave" services extending from conceptual design
  • Through construction and startup