Energía Sierra Juárez Wind Farm

Energía Sierra Juárez Wind Farm

Location: Jacume, Baja California, Mexico

Client: Sempra U.S. Gas & Power

Completion Date: 2013

Burns & McDonnell is providing owner's engineer services for the initial phase of the Energía Sierra Juárez Wind Farm. The project, under development in Baja California, Mexico, taps into one of the strongest wind resources on the West Coast. When completed, the project's 52 wind turbine generators will generate up to 156 MW of capacity that will be sold into the United States via a new cross-border transmission line. The facility represents the largest renewable energy project ever developed and constructed by Sempra U.S. Gas & Power.

  • Turbine selection support
  • Balance-of-plant contractor selection support
  • Commercial negotiation support
  • Wind resource and energy assessment
  • Turbine micrositing
  • Project scheduling
  • Microwave beam path interference assessment
  • Turbine technology assessment

Sempra U.S. Gas & Power is an independent power producer based in San Diego. Burns & McDonnell is providing professional engineering services in the comprehensive development and construction of the Energía Sierra Juárez Wind Farm, which is the largest renewable energy project ever designed and constructed by Sempra.

Burns & McDonnell's services included evaluation of more than 10 bids for turbine supply, consisting of more than 15 unique wind turbine generator models; an evaluation of multiple balance-of-plant contractors; a detailed wind resource assessment, including estimates of gross annual energy production, array and system losses, net annual energy production, and uncertainty; turbine micro-siting to minimize wake-induced losses, limit machine stresses, and maximize energy yield; development and maintenance of the project schedule; an evaluation of microwave beam path interference; and detailed technology assessment of a preferred wind turbine.

  • Up to 156 MW of renewable wind capacity
  • Electricity generation for up to 65,000 typical homes
  • 52 wind turbine generators
  • Cross-border high-voltage electric transmission line