Electrical Power Infrastructure Analysis

Electrical Power Infrastructure Analysis

Location: McConnell Air Force Base, Kan.

Client: Joint Program Office, Infrastructure Assurance Branch

One of the chief concerns among military installation commanders is that mission critical activities can continue in the event of an unexpected interruption in electrical service. Certain tactical operations must be performed even when normal base procedures are affected by equipment problems due to inclement weather, system overload or sabotage. With this in mind, the Infrastructure Assurance Branch of the Joint Program Office continuously monitors the state of electrical power transmission and distribution systems affecting military installations.

In order to conduct this assessment, Burns & McDonnell first performed a thorough inventory of all on-site electrical equipment and area power sources and major equipment. Then, it researched seasonal power demand in the region and estimated future loads based on sophisticated models. Using all this information, Burns & McDonnell identified additional measures that should be taken to assure mission critical functions continue uninterrupted.

In addition to the onsite global positioning satellite (GPS) data collection, Burns & McDonnell geographic information system (GIS) programmers researched the geographic information in the area and provided aerial photography, basemap data such as roads and buildings, and on-base features, provided by the mapping department at McConnell AFB.

Using several GIS and database tools, Burns & McDonnell organized the information collected into spatial and attribute data sets and delivered all collected data to the Joint Program Office for incorporation into an existing GIS.

  • Electrical system inventory
  • GPS data collection
  • Power flow modeling
  • GIS data conversion
  • Database creation

Primary technologies used:

  • Bentley Descartes
  • ArcView
  • Trimble GPS
  • MS Access