Dry Blending Facility

Dry Blending Facility

Location: St. Joseph, Mo.

Client: Danisco Ingredients

Burns & McDonnell designed and built this greenfield facility to accomplish relocation of the existing production areas with minimal production interruption. Five-year plan production goals were used for the building sizing to accommodate future installation of additional process and utility equipment without building modifications. The facility was designed to expand to meet 10-year plan production goals without process interruption.

  • Master planning
  • Design
  • Estimating
  • Construction
  • Startup

The existing plant was a pre-engineered metal building that was not conducive to a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environment. Although the client made modifications to the existing facility to achieve more satisfactory GMP conditions, the building type precluded obtaining this goal. The greenfield facility minimized possibility of product cross-contamination, ensuring high product quality.

Burns & McDonnell’s design housed each production line within a self-contained production area to eliminate cross-contamination. These areas featured separate pressure HVAC systems and cleanable process and architectural interior finishes and features. Utilities were housed outside the process environment.

Burns & McDonnell minimized traffic congestion within the greenfield facility by eliminating competition between raw material and product flow. Raw materials and finished products were housed in separate warehouses that were accessed from opposite sites of each production area.

Minor ingredient and product staging areas for each production line were provided adjacent to the appropriate access doors. Process layout eliminated common raw material and finished product areas.

Administration and personnel welfare areas were provided to meet staffing requirements of the 10-year plan.