Distribution Circuit Replacements

Location: Washington

Client: City of Richland, Wash.

Completion Date: Dec. 2002-Dec. 2003, extended per task by contract modification; New contract Jan. 2004-Dec. 2007

Burns & McDonnell is currently working with the City of Richland to design multiple projects to replace 12.5 kV distribution circuits of World War II vintage.  Other projects include the replacement of 1970 vintage underground 15kV cable in Hills West Phase 1, 2 & 3 residential areas.  The effort includes design of 3-phase and 1-phase circuits, structure loading and cable pulling tension calculations, field surveying, field staking for construction crews, right-of-way research, easement descriptions, easement negotiations and procurement,  material list, one-line diagram and construction drawings and details, and managing the design team during multiple projects.  During this process Burns & McDonnell has the responsibility to work with the property owners on behalf of the City.  The projects involve using City of Richland distribution standards as well as local, state and federal codes.

Burns & McDonnell completed the REA Cutover project for the City of Richland in 2006.  This project included the design of OH feeder and UG feeder line designs, including the placement of switch cabinets and transformers.  This project required working closely with the property owners to insure that all electrical facilities were located within easements or public right-of-way.   

Burns & McDonnell completed the design and permitting for UG distribution feeders in the vicinity of a State Highway widening project.

  • Engineering Deisgn
  • Easements
  • Detailing
  • Surveying & Staking