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Distillery Rebuild

Distillery Rebuild

Location: Atchison, Kan.

Client: MGP Ingredients Inc.

The distillery rebuild was an engineer-procure-construct reconstruction project necessitated by a fire in the ethanol distillery. The project goals included full production capacity (32 million gallons/year) at design quality (192.4 proof) and costs at or under the guaranteed maximum price, which was the maximum amount made available for the project by the insurance carrier.

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Architectural development included constructing a new control building immediately adjacent to the process structure. The control building housed the process control system hardware and laboratory facilities as well as the electrical switchgear for the new distillery. Additionally, a new 60-foot concrete masonry unit wall provided blast and fire separation between the new process structure and existing adjacent non-classified process areas.

A three-level steel structure, extending approximately 43 feet above the process foundation, housed the bulk of process equipment for the facility, including the molecular sieves, surge tanks, pumps, reboilers, condensers and heat recovery exchangers. A three-foot mat foundation supported the distillation columns and process structure. The structure continued up seven additional levels to approximately 148 feet above the process foundation to provide stair tower access for sampling and routine maintenance on the distillation columns.

The mechanical and piping effort included the design and installation of eight columns and pressure vessels, 24 heat exchangers, 29 pumps and 16 process and storage tanks. It also included approximately 15,000 feet of process and utility piping, over 150 piping tie-ins to existing piping and two HVAC systems totaling 15 tons of cooling capacity.

The instrument and electrical design and construction consisted of three major components: replacing, upgrading and rewiring instrumentation in the portions of the facility that were not damaged; installing and wiring instruments in the rebuilt distillation area; and power supply and wiring to the new distillation area, including a new motor control center (MCC) and new power feed. Control system design included Ethernet communication connections to the distributed control system, which also connected the new MCC using DeviceNet.

Burns & McDonnell managed multiple subcontracts during project construction and provided master construction scheduling and field cost control and reporting.

This project received an Excellence Award from the Design-Build Institute of America Mid-America chapter.

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  • Three new distillation columns
  • Dual train molecular sieve system
  • Complement of process tanks, pumps and exchangers
  • Refurbished gin still equipment
  • Field-erected storage tanks
  • Control building