Desktop Review & Field Surveys

Desktop Review & Field Surveys

Location: Montana

Client: Exelon Wind LLC

Completion Date: 2011

Burns & McDonnell conducted a desktop environmental and permitting review for this potential wind farm project area in western Montana for Exelon Wind LLC. The environmental review included a review of wetlands, sensitive species, cultural resources, land use, floodplains, proximity to airports, sensitive areas, etc., as well as included agency consultations. In addition, a permitting review was completed to determine which permits and/or studies could be required for this type of project at the specific location. The environmental and permitting review was used to identify potential development constraints.

Following the desktop reviews, a variety of field surveys were completed, including an avian stick nest survey, avian point-count surveys, habitat assessment, wetland delineation, and cultural resources survey. The avian studies and habitat assessment were conducted for the project area, as well as a mile buffer area in some instances. The wetland delineation and cultural resources survey were conducted for the proposed project footprint, including a 250-foot wide corridor along proposed facility locations.

  • Constraints analysis
  • Permit review
  • Stick nest survey
  • Avian point-count survey
  • Wetland delineation
  • Habitat assessment
  • Cultural resources survey

This was a potential 10- to 30-megawatt wind energy project that consisted of three turbine arrays over a 3,100-acre site. Burns & McDonnell conducted all field services internally and within an expedited project schedule. Information collected was to support Exelon Wind in determining if the project should continue to be pursued and developed.

Field services were provided for most of the proposed wind project facility locations, including:

  • Wind turbines
  • Access roads
  • Electrical collection system
  • Substation