Desert Breeze Well Transmission Line

Desert Breeze Well Transmission Line

Location: Chandler, Ariz.

Client: City of Chandler

Completion Date: June 2006

Burns & McDonnell provided engineering services for this design-build project in the city of Chandler. As the deadline for achieving the mandated arsenic levels in drinking water approached, the city of Chandler contracted with SDB Inc. to provide design-build services for a new, dedicated transmission line for the existing Desert Breeze well.

The existing well pumped groundwater directly into the distribution system. Historic testing indicated elevated levels of arsenic in the source water. It was decided that rather than install a costly arsenic treatment system at the well head, a dedicated transmission line would prove more cost-effective. The intent of the transmission line is to convey the groundwater to an existing storage tank where it can be blended with other groundwater that meets the arsenic levels.

Burns & McDonnell analyzed several options for conveying the water to the tank. The most cost-effective option was to use a portion of the existing distribution system as the major section of the transmission line. Burns & McDonnell then performed a hydraulic analysis to determine what the effect would be if this portion of the distribution system were taken off-line. It was demonstrated that this portion of the distribution system could be taken offline and not affect the local water pressure or fire protection capacities.

Once the analysis was complete, Burns & McDonnell prepared the construction drawings for the installation of the new transmission line. The overall design includes several points of disconnection and several points of connection. A new penetration for the existing tank was also designed. Additionally, Burns & McDonnell designed a new flushing (pump to waste) line for the well adjacent to the storage tank.

  • Hydraulic modeling and analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Alternative alignment analysis
  • County and city coordination