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Deep Cutpoint

Deep Cutpoint

Location: Ponca City, Okla.

Client: ConocoPhillips

Completion Date: 2004

ConocoPhillips contracted Burns & McDonnell to provide front-end project planning (FEP) engineering and estimating services along with complete engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for the Deep Cutpoint project in the No. 1 Crude Topping Unit at ConocoPhillips’s Ponca City, Okla., refinery.

  • Front end planning (FEP) engineering and estimating
  • Engineer-procure-construct (EPC)
  • Turnaround schedule

ConocoPhillips desired to improve its capabilities of processing heavy crude oils in its Ponca City Refinery and contracted Burns & McDonnell to develop FEP-1, FEP-2 and FEP-3 studies to determine the best way to achieve these results. The FEP efforts also provided ConocoPhillips with estimates for project capital costs.

The final scope of the project consisted of a new vacuum tower, new vacuum furnace, new vacuum system, and new pumps and exchangers along with upgraded piping, instrumentation, foundations and structural steel. The project also expanded the crude unit substation and upgraded the control system to accommodate the new equipment.

One of this project’s major accomplishments was Burns & McDonnell’s plan for installing the new 22-foot diameter vacuum tower in the same location as the existing 15-foot vacuum tower during a normal turnaround window. Burns & McDonnell civil/structural and process engineers developed a solution that allowed the new vacuum tower to be placed on the old foundation without major modifications to the foundation. The new vacuum tower and furnace were constructed on site.

During FEP-2, Burns & McDonnell developed process simulations and cost estimates for several flow options. Based on the most cost-effective option from FEP-2, Burns & McDonnell developed a Class A design package and definitive cost estimate in FEP-3. Burns & McDonnell spent extensive effort during FEP-3 to obtain key equipment and subcontractor bids and establish the turnaround schedule. ConocoPhillips awarded Burns & McDonnell the EPC portion of the project following FEP-3.

Responsible for all aspects of safety, cost and schedule control, and construction, Burns & McDonnell executed the project using multiple lump-sum subcontracts for field construction and placed a construction management team on site to manage the subcontractors’ efforts. The project was completed in the fall 2004 turnaround.

  • Produced multiple FEP studies to select the optimal project path
  • Developed plan to install new vacuum tower and associated equipment onto existing foundation
  • Completed project within normal turnaround duration