Crude Oil Spill Emergency Response

Crude Oil Spill Emergency Response

Location: Marshall, Mich.

Client: Enbridge Energy

Completion Date: 2011

In July 2010, the world's longest petroleum pipeline ruptured and spilled an estimated 19,500 barrels of oil near Marshall, Mich. The crude oil quickly migrated to the Kalamazoo River and needed to be contained before reaching Morrow Lake, just 80 river miles from Lake Michigan.

Within a day of the request for support from Enbridge Energy, Burns & McDonnell deployed more than 40 personnel to document the resources (equipment, labor and personnel) at the site and provide routine periodic updates on the condition of the oil spill to Enbridge leaders on site. These updates also served as the basis for status reporting to regulatory authorities to assess the issues or concerns brought to the client as part of the emergency response.

Regulatory response to Burns & McDonnell's ability to convey important information in a useful format (via our proprietary OneTouchPMTM software) was positive and allowed decision-makers to fine-tune their approach and correct field errors on the spot. Burns & McDonnell increased, decreased and reallocated its staffing resources as required to meet the client's requirements and continue reporting to authorities.

Burns & McDonnell worked with all involved agencies and as an extension of the Enbridge staff. Burns & McDonnell professionals served in key positions to assist Enbridge in preparing and implementing their Incident Action Plan (IAP), which establishes measurable strategic objectives during each operational period.

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  • 24-7 incident command
  • 24-7 field supervision
  • 24-7 documentation
  • Project controls
  • Material management
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Subcontractor procurement and orientation
  • Customized OneTouchPM mobile application for real-time updates
    • Field observations
    • Photographs (140,000 geo-referenced, date- and time-stamped)
    • Number of people on site
    • Number of feet of boom deployed
    • Quantity of oil recovered
  • Design and construction management of earthen containment berms and a large decontamination pad for oil-covered equipment

"Without the help and dedication from companies such as (Burns & McDonnell), we would not have been able to accomplish what we did in such a short time frame."

— Patrick Daniel
Enbridge President and CEO

"I'd like to reiterate the extremely high level of customer service we've received from Burns & Mac personnel. Their ability to deliver information and metrics in a timely manner, including the use of the OneTouchPM Tool, helped facilitate an efficient and successful deployment of resources and personnel during the response period."

— Jonathon Thiessen
Enbridge Situation Leader