Crude Oil Pipeline and Terminal Expansion

Location: Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri

Client: Confidential

Burns & McDonnell provided front-end loading engineering services for the expansion of an existing pipeline to transport crude oil between a refinery storage facility and a barge loading facility. This expansion will allow bi-directional flow in the pipeline and increase flow rate capacity. The project plan involves incorporating pipeline and storage terminal improvements over four phases:

Phase 1

  • Installation of two new pumps and modification of piping at the origination station
  • Installation of new pig traps at pipeline connection point
  • Installation of one new booster stationConversion of four existing booster station to allow bi-directional flow

Phase 2

  • Construction of a new crude oil storage terminal with three 300k bbl tanks and support facilities including operations building
  • Installation of a new booster station adjacent to new storage terminal

Phase 3

  • Installation of a new booster station (at midpoint 1)

Phase 4

  • Upgrade on one existing booster station
  • Installation of three new booster stations (at midpoints 2, 3 and 4)

In addition to traditional front-end loading engineering services, our services for this project included:

Environmental Review, Investigations and Permitting

  • Preliminary wetland determination
  • Cultural resource review
  • Air emissions review
  • Threatened and endangered species investigation
  • Floodplain review
  • Development of Phase I ESA Report
  • Identification of permit applications requirements and associated schedules and development of a permit tracking matrix

Power Utility Coordination

  • Identify utilities serving the greenfield project areas and work with to identify project costs, schedule and technical requirements