Crossing Inventory Information Management System

Crossing Inventory Information Management System

Location: State of Kansas, statewide

Client: Kansas Department of Transportation

Completion Date: 2003

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) retained Burns & McDonnell to provide a needs assessment, field inventory and build a crossing inventory information management system (CIIMS). Burns & McDonnell supported this effort with an array of information management technologies including geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning satellite (GPS), relational databases and the Internet. 

Burns & McDonnell was tasked to identify the primary needs of KDOT and an advisory council of public and private sector railroad safety specialists, and to identify improvements to the Kansas hazard analysis system. Based on interviews with key personnel and research of KDOT’s existing system, we provided several recommendations for an effective data maintenance program.

Burns & McDonnell provided KDOT with three recommendations for both the CIIMS and the inventory process. For the CIIMS, KDOT chose an option that included a database in Oracle with a user interface built around customized desktop software, including GeoMedia and MS Access. An Internet site was added during the inventory stage to allow KDOT personnel to monitor field activities. For the inventory phase, KDOT accepted a recommendation that included using GPS receivers with pen-based computers for data loggers with a crew of more than 30 field personnel.

Burns & McDonnell updated nearly 750,000 pieces of information during the field inventory. The completed CIIMS application provides KDOT a cost-effective tool for identifying and upgrading the most hazardous crossings. User training, technical support and maintenance are being provided. Moreover, the information management tools assembled by our staff are enabling enterprise data management across the KDOT organization.

  • GPS data collection
  • Application development
  • Database management
  • Internet services
  • Active Server Page
  • Data conversion