Corporate Hangar & Warehouse Facility Expansion

Corporate Hangar & Warehouse Facility Expansion

Location: Houston

Client: Confidential Client

Completion Date: 2005

Burns & McDonnell designed the hangar and warehouse facility expansion for a company in Houston. The program included the expansion of the hangar to accommodate a new Boeing 767-200 ER airplane, upgrade the existing generator system, design canopies over the delivery door and 30 parking slots, as well as the addition of a canopy to the existing warehouse.

The project also included replacement of the Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) apron pavement, which was 18 inches thick to match the existing pavement thickness. A small turf area near the southwest corner of the existing warehouse was paved with concrete. The new PCC apron pavement is 12 inches thick.

The project included a storm drainage and sanitary sewer. The new storm drainage connection was required to route roof drainage from the hangar addition to the existing storm drainage system.

Two security television cameras were relocated to the face of the addition. The access control card reader was relocated to the new entry door to allow control of the hangar addition. All new doors will also have balance magnetic switches.

The existing AFFF monitor nozzle system was removed entirely, as well as the fire pump, foam storage tank and the water storage tank. A new foam system was installed in a new foam equipment room in the hangar door pocket area. The system was designed to deliver 2.75% foam solution to eight high expansion foam generators supported by the roof structure. Each foam generator supplies about 16,300 cfm and draws air from a roof-mounted intake hood. The foam generators are powered by a water reaction motor and were sized to cover the hangar floor with 3 feet of foam in 1 minute. The foam system includes two fire pumps (one standby), two fire pump controllers, two horizontal foam bladder injection storage tanks (700 gallons), pressure proportioner, deluge valve and two outdoor 40,000-gallon water storage tanks.