Controlled Industrial Facility - Electric Boat

Controlled Industrial Facility - Electric Boat

Location: Groton, Conn.

Client: Electric Boat Corp.

Completion Date: 2004

This project included design for a Controlled Industrial Facility (CIF) at Electric Boat in Groton, Conn. The CIF performs maintenance and repair services required for nuclear-powered submarines.

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • The foundation for the facility consists of a structural slab supported on precast concrete piling
  • Special concrete construction
  • Smooth, crack-free concrete surfaces for all walls and floors
  • Floating post-tension wearing slab
  • Increased emphasis on structural tightness to support negative pressure ventilation
  • HVAC system with special HEPA filter system
  • Use of materials with low radon levels
  • Containment and treatment of radiological liquid waste
  • 10-ton bridge crane
  • Liquid processing area
  • Controlled material storage area
  • Access point room
  • HEPA filter room
  • Clean work/gage calibration room and personnel decon room
  • Mechanical and electrical rooms

Close coordination of building technical requirements and equipment interface requirements were necessary throughout the project. Concrete testing was required during construction to monitor radon content in the concrete materials.

  • Parametric estimating and programming (PEP) documentation
  • Final design, plans and cost estimating
  • Design-build services