Confidential Industrial Client: Boiler MACT Study

Confidential Industrial Client: Boiler MACT Study

Location: Coal-Fired Industrial Boiler Facility

Client: Confidential Industrial Client

Burns & McDonnell was hired by a confidential industrial client to identify and evaluate the impacts of the proposed Industrial Boiler MACT rule on a coal-fired industrial boiler facility. Burns & McDonnell evaluated four compliance alternatives for three 140,000 pounds/hour coal-fired boilers and two steam turbines. These four alternatives included:

  1. Upgrading existing boilers with additional air pollution control equipment.
  2. Conversion of existing coal-fired boilers to hybrid gas/coal burners.
  3. Installation of gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG).
  4. Replacement of existing boilers with natural-gas-fired package boilers.
  • Review of coal analyses and development of design basis
  • Regulatory and compliance reviews
  • Alternatives evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost estimates and economic analyses

Burns & McDonnell studied existing facility emissions, determined compliance requirements in light of the proposed Industrial Boiler MACT and other environmental regulations, and developed conceptual equipment arrangements for each of the alternatives. Analyses included operation and maintenance costs, capital costs, fuel costs and electrical costs, all of which were used as inputs to pro forma economic evaluations of each alternative to determine the most viable options. A sensitivity analysis was provided for multiple variables of each alternative.

The final deliverable included a detailed report with supporting documentation and basic general arrangement drawings for each alternative. The project and final deliverable met or exceeded expectations in terms of cost, quality, and schedule and has proven extremely useful in its corporate long-term planning process.