Concourse H/J

Concourse H/J

Location: Miami

Client: Miami International Airport

Completion Date: February 2006

Burns & McDonnell is providing supplemental architectural/engineering services at Miami International Airport. Included in the project are construction of South Terminal’s expansion of Concourse H head house, Concourse J, the terminal area operations, the control tower and the surrounding airside operational areas.

Burns & McDonnell is responsible for construction oversight, ensuring that work is done in accordance with the plans and specifications. In addition, Burns & McDonnell is responsible for construction design revisions so that they are in accordance with new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations and operational needs of airlines operating at the South Terminal.

The project includes expansion of the South Terminal, featuring ticketing and check-in areas, immigration, customs and airport security systems. It features the construction of a new terminal area operations control tower, modifications to Concourse H, and passenger holding areas and corridors to accommodate both domestic and international flights. New sterile air conditioning systems and modifications to the concourse must be in accordance with TSA regulations.