Compliance Management for Title V Permit

Location: Warrensburg, Mo.

Client: University of Central Missouri

Completion Date: 2009-2011

The University of Central Missouri (UCM) is an existing Title V source operating several large and numerous small gas-fired boilers and heaters, as well as other emission sources. Although permitted as major for Title V, actual emissions are well below major source thresholds and are not expected to increase.

Burns & McDonnell conducted an audit of the campus for compliance with the Clean Air Act and Title V permit and identified that the campus qualified for the simpler non-Title V (intermediate) operating permit. Burns & McDonnell prepared the application.

The Title V permit requires several monthly calculations and records. Burns & McDonnell makes the calculations and prepares the monthly records on behalf of UCM. Additionally, Burns & McDonnell prepares the annual emissions inventory and semi-annual compliance reports for submittal to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

  • Title V renewal application
  • Monthly recordkeeping and report preparation
  • Intermediate operating permit application
  • Audit
  • Emission calculations
  • Compliance management