Chilled Water Loop Distribution

Chilled Water Loop Distribution

Location: Columbia, Mo.

Client: University of Missouri Energy Management

Completion Date: 2008

The University of Missouri (MU) Energy Management Department commissioned Burns & McDonnell to create a computerized hydraulic model of the chilled water distribution loop serving the MU campus. This model is intended to assist with the planning of future modification and expansion of the loop by providing flow and pressure predictions.

The Applied Flow Technologies (AFT) Fathom 6.0 software was selected for this model. Extensive data was obtained from Energy Management for incorporation into the model. Data included loop schematics, building loads, chiller capacity and pump information. Performance data for pumps, which was not available from Energy Management, was obtained from local pump vendors. As the demand on the campus loop increases, the design of loop capacity increases can be made more accurate with the help of the model's predictions.


Hydraulic modeling