Central Chiller Plant Expansion

Location: Madison, Wis.

Client: University of Wisconsin

Completion Date: 1999

Burns & McDonnell was selected, along with Durrant Engineers and Dames & Moore, to design the expansion of the university’s 22,000-ton chiller plant with a new 8,500-ton steam turbine driven chiller and associated pumps and cooling tower at the its Charter Street Plant. The team was also selected to add a 300,000 pounds/hour boiler at the Walnut Street Plant. Burns & McDonnell is responsible for mechanical engineering on both portions of the project.

The new 8,500-ton steam turbine-driven chiller will receive steam from the exhaust of a 9.7-MW steam turbine generator that Burns & McDonnell is installing on a separate design-build contract with the Department of Facilities Development (DFD). A new counterflow cooling tower will be designed to match the existing equipment configuration. A new primary chilled water pump will be included. A study is in progress to address the best means to enhance the primary, secondary pumping arrangement. Burns & McDonnell will lead the mechanical engineering design through design development; the project will be completed by Durrant Engineers with continued involvement of Burns & McDonnell.

The new 300,000 pounds/hour boiler will be accommodated by relocating a heat recovery boiler associated with an incinerator, and by extending the building at the Walnut Street Plant. The original plant was designed for two future boilers at 150,000 pounds/hour each. However, modifications through the years have taken up the planned expansion capabilities, requiring the plant extension. Additional modifications to the system will include additional feedwater storage, connection to an existing chimney and controls. Burns & McDonnell will provide complete mechanical engineering design for this portion of the project.