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Canadian County Natural Gas Substation

Canadian County Natural Gas Substation

Location: Oklahoma

Client: American Electric Power

Completion Date: 2009

Canadian County Natural Gas is a new 138-4.16-kV distribution station to support a natural gas pumping facility. Most of the equipment for the project was transferred from the retired Fort Cobb Natural Gas Substation. The 138-kV circuit switcher, the 4.16-kV motorized switch and the 4.16-kV breaker were new.

  • Substation engineering
  • Relay engineering
  • Relay setting
  • Civil/structural engineering

American Electric Power retired the old Fort Cobb Natural Gas Substation and relocated most of the equipment to this new substation. This was a greenfield project that required grading, grounding study, layout design, foundation design, lightning study, and complete protection and control design. Because this site was to support a natural gas pumping facility, grounding, grading, and protection and control schemes had to be coordinated with the natural gas company to ensure that both sites were safe.

The substation consisted of two dead-end transmission structures, two motorized 138-kV line switches with interrupters, a 138-kV circuit switcher with highside disconnect switch, one 138-4.16-kV transformer with a low resistance grounding resistor on the neutral, one 4.16-kV transformer lowside motorized disconnect switch, and a 4.16-kV feeder breaker with hookstick disconnect switches.

Protection and control design involved transformer protection and distribution feeder protection. Relay settings were coordinated with the natural gas company, and a grounding transformer was installed on the transformer neutral to limit the fault current at the natural gas site. The high side transformer protection was a circuit switcher and the distribution line protection was a circuit breaker. Since the substation site was relatively small, American Electric Power chose to use a small cubicle to house all of the protective and communication equipment for this station rather than a full-sized control house. Burns & McDonnell designed the layout and physical properties of the control cubicle.

  • Site grading design
  • Grounding study and design
  • Substation layout design
  • Foundation design
  • Lightning study
  • Relay engineering design
  • Relay settings