Campus Energy Savings

Campus Energy Savings

Location: Austin, Texas

Client: University of Texas

Completion Date: January 2009

This project involved developing and implementing a comprehensive, energy savings, lighting and lighting controls project for the main University of Texas at Austin campus and the Pickle Research Campus.

During the audit phase of the project, Burns & McDonnell audited more than 140 buildings with a total area of about 12.6 million square feet. The buildings range in size from 4,000 to more than 400,000 square feet. These buildings included administrative, educational, security, retail, restaurant, athletic, laboratory, research, museum, library, power generation, TV/radio and central plant facilities. The newest facility audited and upgraded was less than 2 years old, the oldest over 80 years old.

Lighting upgrades were implemented throughout the main campus and in the largest buildings on the Pickle Research Campus. The project was on an accelerated time schedule and was developed and implemented over a 13-month period. In order to meet this implementation schedule, we averaged more than 5,500 lighting upgrades per week.

  • Audit and design lighting upgrades for 12.6 million square feet with six-year or less simple payback
  • Address existing lighting problem areas
  • Implement all lighting system upgrades with minimal disruptions
  • Address general area lighting (classroom, office, common areas, etc.)
  • Address specialty lighting (display, museum, art, athletic, lab, etc.)
  • Address occupancy-based controls
  • Address daylighting controls
  • Upgrade exterior building lighting
  • Install induction lighting system upgrades