Camp Guernsey Master Plan Update & EA

Location: Camp Guernsey, Wyo.

Client: Wyoming Army National Guard

Completion Date: 2012

Burns & McDonnell supported the Wyoming National Guard in its development of Camp Guernsey as a Regional Collective Training Center. The project includes:

Update of Existing Master Plan for Regional Collective Training Center (RCTC)

As part of the Army National Guard training program, Burns & McDonnell worked with the Wyoming National Guard in updating the existing Camp Guernsey Master Plan to support the mission of being a RCTC. An environmental assessment to address modifications caused by the master planning effort was also conducted.

Update to the Master Plan

Burns & McDonnell conducted a planning charrette at Camp Guernsey, provided a report of analysis on the training capabilities, and provided an updated Camp Guernsey Master Plan, including the additional training and support facilities required to satisfy the RCTC concept.

Environmental Assessment (EA)

An EA was being prepared based on the results of the master planning process. It provided the definition of purpose and need for the proposed action and alternatives considered. The EA was developed in conjunction with the master plan update so that the environmental constraints that limit development potential were identified and provided an early opportunity to determine any mitigation strategies with Camp Guernsey environmental staff.

A site visit to Camp Guernsey was conducted for two people for three days to collect data and document existing conditions. The EA analyzed the proposed projects for the ranges and the cantonment area that were developed in the master plan process and evaluated any changes in land use categories. The EA is programmatic in nature for areas where the potential for a future type of training activity is identified but no specific project is developed. The EA included the sending of agency coordination letters, including preparing draft letters for tribal consultation at the start of the EA, a Preliminary EA for Camp Guernsey and NG review, a Draft EA for approval and signature, the EA for public review, and the Notice of Availability statement for publication in one local paper. Depending on public and agency review comments, a final EA for the files may or may not be needed.

  • Charrette and conceptual designs
  • Planning
  • Site investigations
  • Anti-terrorism force protection design
  • Unified facilities criteria
  • NEPA documentation

Camp Guernsey is classified by the National Guard Bureau as a Maneuver Training Center-Heavy (MTC-H), focusing on multiple battalions training concurrently. The installation was master planned to support a brigade or equivalent. Camp Guernsey is utilized as a training center for annual training, inactive duty training, weapons qualifications, command post exercises, field training exercises, field artillery schools, and other training activities by all units in Wyoming as well as other states and entities.

As a Regional Collective Training Center, Camp Guernsey would also be responsible for providing training for all military units within a 300-mile radius. The development will include billeting for 3,500 soldiers, dining facilities, Department of Public Works facilities, readiness center, and other training center support buildings. In addition to the buildings, ranges and training support facilities will be planned. Ranges will be sited to maximize training potential.

The final report included an analysis of the state of current capabilities, future training densities, infrastructure, ranges and supporting facilities to fully sustain future operations.