Callaway Auxiliary Feedwater Pump

Callaway Auxiliary Feedwater Pump

Location: Fulton, Mo.

Client: AmerenUE

Completion Date: 2010

Burns & McDonnell supported an expedited effort to engineer, procure and install a fourth auxiliary feedwater pump/motor and associated piping to tie into the existing system at the Callaway Nuclear Plant.

The new pump serves as a diverse backup to the existing safety-related turbine and motor driven pumps. A dedicated diesel generator provides the energy source for the new pump. Collectively, these modifications to the auxiliary feedwater system will increase system availability and will therefore improve the associated mitigating system performance index.

In support of this project, Burns & McDonnell functioned as the lead design organization and provided the following safety-related services and deliverables:

  • Developed a safety-related modification package to approve installation of the new auxiliary feedwater pump, piping, supports, equipment foundation, power cables, transformer and breaker. This included all supporting licensing, programs and hazards reviews for this modification.
  • Evaluated the impact of new auxiliary feedwater pump on existing accident analyses and identified any licensing impacts or new accident scenarios.
  • Performed pipe stress analyses of new and interfacing safety-related discharge piping using the DST PIPESTRESS.
  • Performed pipe support analyses of new safety-related discharge piping supports.
  • Performed a third-party review of associated safety-related calculations or analyses.