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CHP and Emissions Control Feasibility Study

CHP and Emissions Control Feasibility Study

Location: Mount Vernon, Ind.

Client: Confidential

Completion Date: 2011

Burns & McDonnell conducted a technical and economic assessment of options to comply with future regulations, including the revised National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) limits and the Industrial Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standard.

Options considered included a combined heat and power (CHP) installation, the addition of gas-fired boilers and the addition of pollution control equipment on the coal-fired boilers. As part of the scope of work, Burns & McDonnell also reviewed previous work completed by the client to provide a high-level assessment (FEP-1) for its planning needs. The focus of Burns & McDonnell's evaluation was to determine the high-level performance and cost impact of each option so the client can select the best option(s) for further development.

  • Option development
  • Cost analysis
  • Economic analysis

The client operates two boiler houses, each with natural gas- and coal-fired boilers. Boiler house No. 2 produces 580 psig steam for process use and boiler house  No. 1 produces 180 psig steam for process use. Based on internal review, the client plans to retire boiler house No. 1 and add new gas-fired cogeneration or gas-fired boilers. The client is evaluating options to add emissions controls to boiler house No. 2 or repower the two coal units with natural gas.

Each of the options were evaluated based on first cost, annual operation and maintenance costs, and savings in operation over a base case. Net present value (NPV) calculations revealed recommended options to consider for further study and analysis.