Biologics Laboratory & Class 10,000 Clean Room

Biologics Laboratory & Class 10,000 Clean Room

Location: Creve Coeur, Mo.

Client: Searle/Pharmacia

Burns & McDonnell completed design of a new lab complex for Searle at the Monsanto Creve Coeur campus. The new lab functions as a quality control lab for a new line of pharmaceutical drugs from Searle. A new class of pain drugs known as cyclooxygenase-z or cox-z inhibitors was one of the first new drugs tested at the facility. Design and early completion of the lab was critical to the new drugs' success. 

Four labs — a general analytical lab, a chromatography lab, an electrophoresis lab and a cell culture/biologics lab — were design to GMP standards. The cell culture/biologics lab is a Class 10,000 clean room environment and houses a robotic table, bio hoods and incubators.

Offices, a videoconference room, document storage and a solvent room also were built. Electrical power is backed up by a UPS and emergency generator system. The facility incorporates energy efficiency and indoor air quality features, and received a first-place award from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers for these features.

  • General analytical lab
  • Chromatography lab
  • Electrophoresis lab
  • Cell culture and biologics labs

"From the first day of working with Burns & McDonnell, I was impressed with their professionalism and cooperation. The project has won several design awards as well as acclaim from many internal sources. ..."

— Mr. Steve Durban, Project Director, Searle/Pharmacia