Army Aviation Support Facility

Army Aviation Support Facility

Location: Whiteman AFB, Mo.

Client: Missouri Army National Guard

Completion Date: 2006

The new Army Aviation Support Facility provides direct maintenance and operation support for a new battalion of AH-64 attack aircraft. The primary structure includes approximately 83,000 square feet of space for aircraft maintenance, operations and training functions. The project is designed for a SPiRiT Gold rating.

The aircraft maintenance hangar has approximately 40,300 square feet. Aircraft access the hangar bay through 20-foot tall horizontal sliding hangar doors approximately 60 feet wide, providing a single leaf for each bay. The hangar floor has trench drains and aircraft grounding points. Aircraft maintenance utility connections are between alternating aircraft bays and include computer workstations for maintenance control. The facility meets the physical security measures required for secure (SCIF) and non-secure operations.

The allied shops provide for repair and testing of avionics systems, propellers and rotors, airframes, pneudraulic systems, aircraft engines, armament subsystems and night vision devices. Operations and administration areas include pilot offices, flight operations, flight planning, simulation and training, aviation life support and technical support space. The secondary structure includes an adjacent, enclosed storage area for 10 AH-64 aircraft, a GSE shop and GSE covered open storage of approximately 28,560 square feet.

A new fire pump house and storage tanks are adjacent to the hangar. Specialized building support systems include in-floor radiant heat systems, overhead preaction and wet-pipe fire sprinklers, low-level high-expansion foam fire protection systems, mass notification systems, security intrusion detection systems and lightning protection systems. Supporting facilities for the site include rigid pavement for the taxiway, apron, aircraft wash rack, loading dock, fuel truck containment, access drives and fire pump station and utilities. Flexible pavement was provided for the personnel parking lot and airfield shoulders.