Arkansas Regional Training Institute

Arkansas Regional Training Institute

Location: Camp Robinson, Ark.

Client: Arkansas Army National Guard

Completion Date: 2008

Burns & McDonnell’s design services for the Arkansas Regional Training Institute at Camp Robinson included developing a master plan for the $50 million complex and providing complete design and construction services for a $7 million general instruction building. This was the first of three construction phases identified in the master plan.

Phase 1 of the project included a 22,000-square-foot general instruction building featuring eight classrooms, an auditorium, instructor prep and in-processing areas. The 3,000-square-foot multipurpose auditorium space expands into four adjacent classrooms for a total of 6,000 square feet. The auditorium and classrooms are equipped with advanced audio-visual system to provide an optimal training experience for instructors and students. The project was designed to a SPiRiT Gold sustainable design rating.

  • Architectural design
  • Engineering design

The Arkansas Regional Training Institute provides a consolidated training facility and officer candidate school for the soldiers of the Arkansas Army National Guard and guardsmen from other regional states in infantry and field artillery military occupation qualification skills.

The complex includes facilities for administration, education, barracks and other support functions for training a student load of approximately 200 and training staff of more than 100. The master plan was developed to provide future flexibility and growth with additional barracks. The design of the consolidated education building provides expansion capabilities for future phases.

The master plan focused on the concept of a military campus, where training takes precedence and the time to perform administrative tasks was minimized. The master plan served as the basis for future facility programming and development of the DD Form 1390/1391s for the Long Range Construction Program. The project was executed using the state’s alternative delivery method and was bid at 65 percent design completion. The Burns & McDonnell design team worked with the selected contractor to evaluate alternative design solutions to execute the best value solutions for the project.

  • A campus-like environment designed to promote military training, drill and ceremony, with easy access to training sites
  • A decorative concrete courtyard for awards, re-enlistments, promotions and commissioning in front of the general instruction building training facility
  • An officer candidate school facility featuring a hall of fame
  • Administration building featuring consolidated in-processing, instructor space and school support functions for the full-time staff
  • General instruction building featuring an auditorium and flexible classroom spaces to adjust to class sizes
  • Barracks featuring flexible rooms to adjust to student needs
  • State-of-the art information systems to support training, classroom XXI and distance learning
  • Training simulation building to house the engagement skills trainer, GUARDFIST IIA and AFATDS/JANUS
  • Helicopter mockups and sheltered outdoor training facilities
  • Maintenance facilities to support student needs and regional training institute needs
  • Supply facilities to support issue of equipment and arms storage