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Ammonia Storage Project

Ammonia Storage Project

Location: Beulah, N.D.

Client: Dakota Gasification Company

Completion Date: September 2011

Dakota Gasification Company produces ammonia by recovering ammonia from the SNG process and by converting syngas to ammonia in the ammonia production unit (4400). The current ammonia storage capacity does not allow for continuous, high-rate operation of the ammonia production unit. When the ammonia storage system is full, the production unit must be idled or shut down until the ammonia application season.

Front-end planning (FEP-3) package including:

  • P&IDs
  • Plot plan
  • Preliminary 3D model
  • Line list
  • Electrical one-lines
  • Equipment list
  • Utility summary
  • Foundation & structural steel sketches
  • Preliminary equipment specifications
  • Estimate

The current facility at Dakota Gasification Company does not have the ammonia storage capacity to store all of the ammonia produced in the Ammonia Production Unit (4400). This project will add ammonia storage capacity, which will allow additional ammonia production and sales during peak sales seasons. Additional load out and unloading capabilities will be added to the ammonia storage and load out area with the addition of a second ammonia storage system.

Benefits to owner for this project include the ability to maximize the ammonia production capability of the existing ammonia production unit and to provide additional operational flexibility in the ammonia storage area.

The project consists of an ammonia storage tank with vapor refrigeration system, piping changes to allow for additional flow to ammonia load out and replacement of the existing ammonia flare. The new ammonia storage system will be located in the containment area of the existing ammonia storage tank.

  • Ammonia storage tank
    • 11,000,000 gallons with glycol foundation heating system
  • Ammonia vent refrigeration system
    • (4) 600 HP rotary screw compressors
    • Air-cooled ammonia condenser
  • Ammonia load out pumps
    • (1) 200 HP vertical turbine canned pumps
    • (2) 75 HP vertical turbine canned pump
  • Railcar load out
    • Modification to existing railcar load out stations
    • Load out heater
    • Water pumps
  • Flare system