Airport Improvements

Location: Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport, Ga.

Client: Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport

Completion Date: Ongoing

Burns & McDonnell is serving as the county’s design consultant for airport development at the Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport. Projects completed or currently under way:

Runway 14 Safety Area Grading

Burns & McDonnell provided design services, which consisted of increasing the size of the Runway Safety Area to accommodate C-II aircraft. The project included a wetlands survey, procurement of off-site wetlands credits, wetlands permitting, storm-drainage design and a temporary threshold relocation. A grading plan was developed for the site which created a balanced earthwork plan that will not require off-project-site borrow material or soil disposal, resulting in significant savings. The storm drainage design included an analysis of more than 1,300 acres from five watersheds that drained through the site. In addition, a limited flood plain analysis was performed utilizing HEC-RAS stormwater modeling.

T-Hangar Taxilane & T-Hangar Development

Burns & McDonnell designed an expansion to the existing T-hangar area. The project includes more than 6,000 square yards of new pavement, trench drains to collect runoff, and utilities to serve future development. Concept plans for site development options will be prepared which will include various configurations of T-hangars and corporate-style hangars to maximize the future development of the site to accommodate the growth.

Property Acquisition

Burns & McDonnell is currently assisting the airport to purchase property within the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) and property outside of the RPZ that could contain trees that impact the runway approach surfaces. Because the airport is installing an Instrument Landing System (ILS), Burns & McDonnell prepared exhibits to illustrate the Part 77 and TERPS surfaces to determine if there were obstacles outside of the RPZ that could affect the ILS. Due to the relatively tall tree heights beyond the RPZ it was determined that additional property must be acquired so that the trees could be controlled. Burns & McDonnell also consulted with the FAA to determine the funding options available.

East T-Hangar Taxilane and T-Hangar

Burns & McDonnell is designed a T-hangar site to be located on the southeast side of the airport.  The project includes nearly 4,000 square yards of new pavement, trench drains to collect runoff, and utilities to serve future development.  The project also includes the design of a rough grading plan for a future hangar complex to be located on the northwest side of the airport.

  • Utilities
  • Transportation planning
  • Transportation improvements
  • Airspace analysis
  • Property acquisition
  • Wetlands study
  • Geotechnical investigation