Aircraft Parking Apron, Hydrant Fueling System & Hush House

Aircraft Parking Apron, Hydrant Fueling System & Hush House

Location: Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

Client: Illinois Air National Guard

Completion Date: 2002

Under BRAC-96, the 126th Air Refueling Wing Headquarters and 11 KC-135 aircraft of the Illinois Air National Guard were relocated from the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

As part of this relocation, Burns & McDonnell was responsible for the complete engineering and design of the jet fuel storage complex, aircraft parking apron and T-9 hush house to support KC-135 refueling tankers.

The aircraft parking apron included 103,000 square yards of 17-inch-thick concrete pavement to park and taxi 11 KC-135 or similar-sized aircraft. Pavement design conforms to Federal Aviation Administration and military standards. Utilities include a stormwater system with oil water separators and storage tank for environmental compliance, a deicing pad with containment and storage system and an aircraft wash rack with recovery, containment and treatment distribution. Electrical support systems include apron lighting and taxiway edge lighting.