Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - U.S. Navy Southwest Division

Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - U.S. Navy Southwest Division

Location: North Island, Coronado, Calif.

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest Division

Completion Date: 2005

This project provided the primary facilities for a new C-40 (737-700 militarized) aircraft maintenance hangar at North Island Naval Air Station. The new hangar contains a total of 45,020 square feet. The function of the hangar is to house the maintenance and training activities for the Navy Reserve Wing VR-57.

The hangar bay contains a main span of 135 feet and is a modified Type II, with an overhead maintenance bay. The interior clear height is 50 feet. The high bay provides weather protection and shelter to service and repair the aircraft. The high bay systems include warm water aircraft power wash and floor-based wing access stands. The high bay is protected by the Navy’s in-floor Viking AFFF system. The side shops provide for aircraft parts and seat storage and total approximately 9,000 square feet.

The two-story back shops provide for administration/crew and equipment facilities. The two-story portion of the facility accounts for 16,000 square feet. The first floor contains the following areas: power plants, paraloft, avionics, airframes and lockers/restrooms. The second floor provides: executive offices, training offices and safety and crew messes.

Mechanical systems include centrally located air handlers and variable air volume, while electrical systems include specialized systems such as 400-Hertz power, cable TV, CCTV, telephone, data, SIPRNET, NIPRNET and fire service. Other desired site features include landscaping of low maintenance vegetation in planters with an automatic sprinkler system. Design for the new facilities was in accordance with the Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings (UFC 4-010-01), with a "low" design basis threat and level of protection.

Site work also included the replacement of a portion of the existing aircraft parking apron, a new security fence and gates, parking striping/renovations, and provisions for underground utilities, including connections to existing sewer, water, storm drain, industrial waste, gas and power.