Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - Tucson Air National Guard

Location: Tucson, Ariz.

Client: Tucson Air National Guard

Completion Date: 2006

Burns & McDonnell provided architect-engineer design and construction services to renovate an aircraft maintenance hangar for the Air National Guard in Tucson, Ariz. The maintenance hangar and shops provide a six-bay maintenance hangar for F-16 aircraft. Total facility area is 64,000 square feet, which includes 24,000 square feet for the hangar bays. Shops include parachute, machine shop, survival equipment, weld, structural repair and battery.

Exterior work includes replacement of existing single-ply roof system with a two-ply modified bitumen roof system. The project includes the removal of the existing AFFF fire protection system for the hangar bay and the design and installation of a low-level high expansion foam system with an overhead wet-pipe sprinkler system. Existing engine-driven fire pumps are being replaced with two electric motor driven fire pumps.

The foam system will use six high-expansion foam generators in the hangar bay using inside air and 75 psi water pressure for foam generation. A horizontal 400-gallon foam concentrate bladder tank and 6-inch line in-proportioner will be used to supply the foam mixture to the foam generators. Draft curtains will be installed in the existing hangar bay steel structure to separate the roof area into individual sections not exceeding 7,500 square feet.

The existing office and shop areas of the facility are protected by existing wet-pipe sprinkler system. A fire department connection is provided to supply the fire water risers. Selected areas of the offices and shops will receive upgraded electrical, lighting, communication, fire alarm and HVAC systems during the renovation. Exterior work consists of an upgrade of man doors that will include hardware, and the painting of door frames, doors and miscellaneous trim.