Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement - Ohio

Air Traffic Control Tower Replacement - Ohio

Location: Springfield, Ohio

Client: Ohio Air National Guard

Completion Date: 2006

Burns & McDonnell provided comprehensive architect-engineer services for the new air traffic control tower (ATCT) and ground/air transmitter/receiver (GATR) at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport in Springfield, Ohio.

The ATCT is a 5,600-square-foot, 87-foot-tall steel-framed facility manned by Air National Guard personnel. In addition to military aircraft, the air traffic controllers also oversee all other aviation at the airport.

The ATCT is on a new site near the flight line and includes space for electronics equipment, two offices, break room, control cab, elevator, stair tower and communications equipment. ATCT sitework included new access road and parking lot. The GATR is a 400-square-foot facility to house radio equipment and includes four remote, 80-foot monopole antennas spaced 80 feet apart.