Air Traffic Control Tower - Otis ANG Base

Air Traffic Control Tower - Otis ANG Base

Location: Otis Air Force Base, Bourne, Mass.

Client: Massachusetts Air National Guard

The new control tower at Otis Air National Guard Base provides air traffic control services for Air National Guard (ANG) and U.S. Coast Guard aircraft operations at the base as well as transient aircraft operating within the Class D airspace. The Massachusetts ANG air traffic control tower (ATCT) operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week with a staff of four to six full-time air traffic control personnel.

The ATCT is a seven-story steel framed structure with concrete and metal deck floors. The first and second floors feature split-face block masonry veneer with precast concrete accents and standing seam metal roofing to complement the exterior treatment of the proposed adjacent Crash Fire Rescue (CFR) station and other existing base structures.

The control tower shaft is clad in insulated metal panels with a vertical color accent stripe. The accent stripe combines insulated metal wall panels, tinted insulated window units and mechanical louvers. The 540-square-foot control cab includes an aluminum clad tube steel structural frame with aluminum frame mullions and double glazed insulated window units allowing for an unobstructed 360 degree view of the controlled area. The solid surfaces of the cab is clad in metal panels to match the metal panels and roofing below.

The overall height of the tower is 92 feet above grade with a cab floor elevation of  75 feet 6 inches above grade. The total gross square footage of the facility is 5,800 square feet.

The facility includes one pressurized stairway extending from the ground floor to the cab. One machine room-less electric elevator provides service to floors 1 through 6. The floor-to-floor height at the sixth floor has been increased so that elevator service can be provided to that level. A 2-hour rated enclosure was provided for the stairway, elevator shaft and mechanical and electrical shafts. The sixth floor housing the HVAC system for the control cab also serves as an observation platform for occupants and visitors. The control cab has an 18-inch high raised access floor to facilitate the installation of electrical and communications cabling.

Supplemental spaces include a weather office on the fifth floor, electronic equipment rooms on the third and fourth floors, maintenance shop and administrative office on the second floor, and mechanical room, electrical room, telecommunications room, storage room, toilet and entrance lobby on the first floor.